Tana Manchester

Agriculture Across Lambton County


What does this mean to you?  For both Corey and I, it was a way of life growing up, spending countless hours at our grandparents farm right here in Lambton County.  I would use any and every excuse to go out to the farm, where I would spend hours upon hours with my barn cats, pet goats, and horses.   Driving tractors, feeding the cows, sweeping out the barn, helping the farmer beside us pick strawberries to sell (I would get fired all the time because I would eat more than I would pick!!!) - I absolutely LOVED it out on the farm.  We grew up with a firm understanding and respect about where our food comes from, and just how hard farmers work.  Agriculture is life – not just for the hard-working families that earn their living this way, but for all of us.  Every glass of milk poured, every summer BBQ (can you tell I’m thinking of warmer days???), every time you open your fridge or pantry – you can thank a farmer for all of these things and so much more.  

So when we met with the Lambton Federation of Agriculture, we were very excited at the prospect of producing videos showcasing Lambton County Farmers.   We traveled around Lambton County over the course of 8 months, talking to farmers and their families about agriculture.  The one thing we could see and hear was the commitment and dedication of theses farmers and their families.  This dedication even during the worst year for farming that anyone in the last few generations can remember. The pride in their land.  The care and respect they have for their animals.  So many farms we visited run by 2nd and 3rd generation farmers with succession plans for their own children who were working alongside them.  

Quite simply, Agriculture is life.  Thank you LFA for the opportunity to meet so many amazing farm families around Lambton County!  With their help, their stories, we were able to produce “Agriculture Across Lambton County” and “This is Farming” - both tributes to all of our hard-working Lambton County Farmers and their families.  Thank you for letting us into your homes and making us feel so welcome!